Enhancing Your Art Collection and Exhibitions

Elizabeth offers a range of art consultancy services for individuals, organizations, and institutions. Whether you're looking to enhance your personal collection or mount an exhibition, Elizabeth can provide expert guidance and support. With years of experience in the art world, she has developed a keen eye for quality and a deep understanding of the industry. Elizabeth's services include art acquisition, deaccession support, and exhibition planning. She is committed to providing a personalized and tailored experience for each of her clients, helping them achieve their artistic goals and create exceptional collections.

Art Acquisition

Looking for the perfect piece to add to your collection? Elizabeth can help. With years of experience in the art world, she has an eye for quality and can guide you through the process of finding and acquiring works that meet your unique criteria.

Deaccession Services

If you have artwork that is no longer suitable for your collection, Elizabeth can help you find a new home for it. She can assist with placing your work in an appropriate setting or helping you sell it through a reputable channel. Elizabeth will ensure that the process is efficient, discreet, and respectful of the artwork.

Exhibition Planning

Elizabeth is also experienced in organizing themed exhibitions for small and medium-sized institutions. Whether you're looking to showcase a particular artist, style, or theme, she can help you design and execute a successful exhibition. Elizabeth will work with you to identify the most suitable works for your exhibition, handle logistics, and ensure a memorable experience for your visitors.